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MBA Degree in Engineering

Engineering Concentration: MBA Degree

Online MBA Degree: Engineering Concentration: MBA DegreeThe engineering concentration provides students with an understanding of the fundamental laws and basic principles that govern the physical world, leading to a grasp of the laws of science and the underpinnings of technology. Coursework stresses problem-solving and critical thinking, essential skills for success in today's competitive workplace.

There often exists a disconnect between financial constraints and technological goals. Quite often, scientists and engineers working in the field butt heads with financial analysts and accountants who work in the office. To help bridge this gap, more and more business schools have begun offering an MBA in engineering.

MBA Degree in Engineering

What Exactly Is an MBA in Engineering?

The ultimate goal of this degree is to help provide students with all the business skills and expertise they need (accounting, marketing, financial planning, budgeting, investing, development, etc.) while still remaining sensitive to the needs of those who work in technology and science. By better appreciating these two disparate tracks, financiers and developers are better able to offer the world new advancements at relatively low costs.

What an MBA in Engineering Prepares You for

Given the versatility of this degree, there are numerous tracks you can follow after completing your coursework. But in most cases, you will work with a financial institution, research park, educational facility, or investment firm while coordinating different projects across numerous disciplines. Expect this career track to blossom even more in the coming years as technology and business continue to find common ground in the global economy.

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