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Find official state symbols, emblems, and icons and more that represent the cultural heritage and natural treasures of each of the 50 US States.

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Joseph Lane FergusonThe initiative behind the services provided by (eRD) is Joe (Joseph Lane Ferguson,) currently of South Daytona, FL as of September 29, 2016

Upon his arrival to Virginia after retiring from the West Virginia Department of Transportation, Joe organized the Web site as his primary asset.

On the move again, in January of 2013, he relocated to Pickens, South Carolina, and subsequently Florida in September 2016.

Joe brings a history of internet experience and diverse backgrounds to contribute a dynamic energy and the desire for success of He is committed to providing services and products to all sectors of the business and personal community. His goals is to provide comprehensive information as well as world-class education brands to the consumers.

Learn about eRD: 50 State Guide and its extensive family of products and learning resources for students, parents and teachers searching the Internet.

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