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50 State Guide - eReferenceDesk

eRD's Family-friendly Resource Guide for the 50 US States

Higher Education Guide

Find public colleges and private college and universities degree programs and courses of online and campus colleges and universities, career, specialty, technical, trade and vocational schools, and community and junior colleges located in the United States and Canada. SEARCH NOW!

The 50 US States

Offers astrology, mediafinance, home & garden, and security sections along with state histories; geography almanacs, counties, histories , famous people, mottos, names, and facts, state symbols and more as well as quick links to social, demographic, and economic statistics.

US State Resource Guide

The 50 US States
State Resource Guide is your gateway to the 50 US States, covering topic from colleges, finance, and home and garden products and services to reference facts for and on each US state like media, geographies, histories, mottos, names, and facts, as well as state symbols.

US 50 State Service and Learning Resource Guide

State Symbols

Find a listing of US state symbols, emblems, and mascots for each of the 50 US states. Official symbols represent the cultural heritage and natural treasures of each state or the entire United States --> State Symbols

History Guide

A portal for US History. Learn about the 50 States history and heritage as well as early history and culture, geography, timeline, facts, history firsts, and famous people. Find a chronological compendium of remarkable and curious events in the history of the US. --> History Guide

Media Guide

Find a portal site for media (ie. the top stories and headline news, US newspapers, television, radio, and traffic reports), that offers news, information and resources about US media. --> Media Guide

Finance Guide

Most people have not had the good fortune of being trained in economics nor have they acquired skills that help them to understand credit, debt, and other important finance terms. --> Finance Guide

Home and Garden

Shop for appliances and accessories for home improvement projects: cabinets, doors, windows, patios or lawn care to maintain and beautify the home or garden. Compare realtors or get a free home estimate. --> Home and Garden

Health and Medical

Find information on the whole spectrum of health, beauty, and medical services and products. These range from beauty services through to home health care aids. --> Health and Medical


Find details on home, security services, systems and products providing 24 hour protection against burglary, carbon, fire, monoxide medical, and personal emergencies. --> Security


Compare policies offered by these insurance companies for children, disability, long term care, Medicare supplement, and smokers. Get info and free online quotes. -->  Insurance


Find your own attorney to help you with common legal matters, like wills, letters, warranty, small claims problems, court, divorce, insurance, and government programs. --> Legal

Personals and Dating

Meeting people online has become easier than ever. Search fun, safe dating communities with personal ads and photos to connect with singles for dating, romance, friendship, and chat. --> Personals and Dating

Vacations and Tourism

Offers tourism, vacation, and travel information to the best hotel and resort offering affordable luxury accommodations. Hotel beach rental reservations for travel available.  --> Vacations and Tourism

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The Ten Commandments of [The First-Year Course of Your Choice]

(This appeared in Techniques for Teaching Law by Gerald F. Hess and Steven Friedland (Carolina Academic Press, 1999).)

Students are aware that law school is a different ball game from undergraduate school before they set foot in the door. They have heard horror stories about the Socratic method and the immense workload. The problem is that they are familiar with these things only as abstractions. For example, they know it is important to be well prepared for class, but have no clue as to what "being prepared" means. As a result, new law students spend their first few weeks on the verge of panic attacks as they sit through classes speculating about what is going to happen and how they are supposed to behave. Read More

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National & State Symbols
Find official state symbols, emblems, and icons and more that represent the cultural heritage and natural treasures of each of the 50 US States.
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