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MBA Degree in Technology Management

Technology Management Concentration: MBA Degree

Online MBA Degree - Technology Management Concentration: MBA DegreeTechnology pervades industries around the globe and is a key driver of economic growth, offering numerous career options to graduates with up-to-date technical skills. The technology concentration emphasizes problem solving and cutting-edge technology across the spectrum of technical fields and job functions.

MBA Degree in Technology Management

If you are looking for exciting new management areas, then you should study for a campus-based or online MBA in Technology Management. Technology has become one of the major areas of business development over the last thirty years, and as it impacts our lives more every day, business has to learn to be able to make the most of what it offers, and to manage the development processes better.

During this course, you will learn about both sides of the technology equation, why technology takes different effort to manage from other processes, the special characteristics it has, and the way it demands a different perspective from management. You will also learn about management, the different functions such as human resources, information systems and financial management. There will also be a large element of project management about this course.

You will learn to think strategically, to analyze and synthesis information for decision making, and to be able to make decisions with the whole organization in mind. This course will help you to enlarge your business contact network, and to widen your whole horizons.

Studying online can be a real help if you are working full-time during your study period, or if you have heavy family responsibilities. You can study at home rather than having to attend classes on campus, and can choose your own study schedule. You download lectures and course materials from the web, and communicate with staff and students by email and telephone. Project and group work is made easy by sharing files, information and directions electronically, with all the benefits this brings. You can even take some exams interactively.

Acquiring an MBA will revolutionize your career. Your colleagues and employers will recognize your talents and abilities, and promotion prospects should improve as you have proven ability and skills to be able to manage at a senior level. Average salaries for MBAs over their working lives are above those for other graduates.

Find out today if a campus-based or online MBA degree in Technology Management will be the next step in your professional development!

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