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Doctorate in Business | PhD Degree in Business

Three career paths for business doctorates: a career purely in academics, a career working in an organization or corporation conducting industry or related research, or a combination of academics and consulting for businesses.

Doctorate in Business | PhD Degree in BusinessIf you are interested in enhancing your skills and career opportunities, why not consider studying for a Doctorate in Business?

There is a variety of different institutions offering Doctorate in Business programs. You may be attracted to traditional campus based colleges, or maybe family, financial, and work commitments mean that an online program would better suit your circumstances.

Doctorate in Business | PhD Degree in Business

Programs vary a little between schools however the main objective of a program would be to conduct highly specialized research work into an area of business. Managerial experience may or may not be required, depending on your chosen educational establishment. Behavioral, economic, and mathematical sciences are the components of academic research in business related disciplines. You will usually be expected to research and prepare an original doctoral dissertation in a major field. The major fields include: accounting; economic analysis & policy; finance; marketing; operations; information & technology; organizational behavior; and political economics.

The program may also require strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, written and verbal communications skills, assertiveness and motivation, strong attention to detail, and a willingness to work long hours if necessary. These are highly sought after in any number of roles.

Academic research and teaching careers in business generally require a Doctorate in Business. According to data from the Unites States Bureau of Labor, post secondary education posts are predicted to grow by 38% between 2002 and 2012 and this growth is described as very high. The Bureau of Labor also expects unemployment rates to be very low for the same group over the same period. Median annual earnings were $49,090 in 2002. Other opportunities exist in consultancy and self employment.

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