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PhD Degree: Doctorate in Computer Technology

PhD programs in general information technology, or IT, are multidisciplinary that involves computer, hardware, and telecommunications systems.

PhD Degree: Doctorate in Computer TechnologyIf you were to read current career guides or studies on hot careers, you would probably find that system administration jobs ranked pretty high. Most any mid to large company employs system administrators to make sure their computer systems run smoothly, and because the job requires a high level of computer skill, these jobs pay pretty well.

PhD Degree: Doctorate in Computer Technology

Because these jobs command decent salaries, many young college students major in computer science, betting on good odds that they'll be able to land a well-paying job after graduation. Some of these students become very passionate about computer science throughout their studies, and want to eventually make their own mark on the computer industry. These students are not satisfied by merely learning the skills necessary to administer a computer system. They want to build and create new computer systems that can perform new and exciting functions. These students generally keep studying computer technology after earning their undergraduate degrees. Many eventually earn PhDs in computer technology.

Computer technology PhD programs can be found at a number of large research universities and online through distance learning institutions. Online computer technology PhD programs are most useful to people who work full time in the computer industry. These people often need a PhD in order to receive a promotion, or to move up the corporate ladder. Enrolling in computer technology PhD programs online is a good way for these people to earn a degree while continuing to nurture their professional networks.

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