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When most Americans think of Alaska, they think of the frontier, of grand, rugged adventure. If you're considering colleges and universities in Alaska, that vision of beauty at the edge of the world isn't so far off, either for the landscape you'll see all around you or the educational experience you'll have: there's plenty of beauty when it comes to Alaska colleges and universities. With outstanding programs in a huge range of fields, higher education in Alaska opens beautiful doors now in the future.

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In the now, you'll work with terrific scholars and leaders in their fields, whether you enroll in a traditional four-year campus school or a career school that focuses on preparing your for the next step in your professional life. For some programs, especially certain branches of the natural sciences, the field work and engagement Alaska colleges and universities offer is unrivaled. In the now, online colleges in Alaska, another great educational alternative, give you the chance to enjoy all of Alaska's splendor while tapping into resources far beyond the state's borders.

In the future, the beauty Alaska's colleges and universities can bring into your life continues. Whether you earn a liberal arts degree or put yourself on a professional track, after you complete your program of study you'll find opportunities in communities throughout the state if your heart beats only for Alaska. And if other adventures call your name, universities and colleges in Alaska will open those doors too.

Pursuing your higher education in Alaska means pursuing your future in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Not a bad way to get ahead.

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