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North Carolina hosts over 120 higher education institutes including career colleges, technical schools, and trade schools, both public and private, to help feed their growing occupations in the state.

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North Carolina, known as "The Tar Heel State"--where their infamous basketball team receives its name from--also sports multiple universities and centers for higher education. From its majestic mountains to its wonderful beaches, the scenery is matched by its educational offerings.

From the research triangle, a 13 county collaborative to increase economic growth through education and jobs, which features 15 universities including Duke and University of North Carolina (UNC)-Chapel Hill (the primary location), to the other five UNC locations, the state sports 124 colleges in the forms of technical, private, community, and public higher education.

Though, the majority of the population in NC is white, there are still a mix of other cultures in the state and at the universities. Hispanics make up over 16% of the population, African Americans make up another 13%, and Asians make up about 5% of the population.

Colleges: to pursue your dreams, your way

UNC hosts the largest student population with over 87,000 students in North Carolina, with five campuses in the state, including: Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Charlotte, Asheville, Pembroke, and Wilmington. Over 600,000 students cover the entire state, with more than half of that population between ages 18-24, according to the US Census Bureau. The average in-state public tuition is $3,600 per year and the average private college tuition is around $17,000 per year.

Medical schools: to be the help that healthcare needs

North Carolina hosts four medical schools including Duke, Wake Forest, UNC Chapel Hill, and East Carolina University. The cost of medical schools range from $13,000 per year to $36,000 per year depending on the school.

Trade schools: specific education for your career goals

North Carolina trade schools include accounting, business, technology, nursing and other medical careers, art and design, as well as culinary arts. The state also includes six bible colleges and theology seminaries. Tuition with trade schools ranges from $1,300 a year to $10,000 depending on the trade and length of time for the degree.

Career outlook in NC, looking good in the future

North Carolina career training can help place you into one of the top job markets in North Carolina, where management occupations are the largest employers in the state. This includes all forms of management from construction, information technology, education, community service, and public relations. Salaries in the field range from Educational Administrators of preschool and child care centers averaging $41,000 to chief executives.

While the unemployment rate in North Carolina is around the national average at 9.9%, according to the BLS, with a bachelor's degree the rate drops to only 5.4%, master's degree drops to 4%, a professional degree drops to 2.4% and a doctoral degree drops to a mere 1.9%.

Service providing careers growing with the state

Service providing careers in healthcare, education, financial, and professional and business services are expected to grow over the next seven years, according the to the BLS. In North Carolina, education in these fields could be a good path for the future, where business and financial operations occupations is the second highest occupation in the state with an average wage of $63,200.

Overall, the education and occupational outlook of North Carolina, looks almost as good as its greenery.

Author: Angela Spires

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