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West Virginia is sometimes called the Mountain State. Thanks in part to the state's topography, its opportunities are just as majestic and diverse. Long known as the leader in our country's coal production industry, West Virginia, while offering many chances to partake in the mining industry, is so much more.

Attending a career college in West Virginia has many advantages. You can choose from a number of campuses across the state, in cities large and small, where degree offerings are available in such fields as engineering, health care, information technology, business, law and more. If your interests lie in one of the industries that come from the state's natural resources, such as mining, metallurgy or forestry, what better place than West Virginia to study?

Some of the other industries that are prolific include the aerospace and automotive industries, chemical firms and data centers. Each of these is a leading industry in the state, according to the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

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Making money with your West Virginia career education

The per capita personal income of the state in 2010 according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis was $32,641. Some top-paying industries in the state, according to BLS May 2010 mean annual wage report:

  • Chief Executives: $121,570
  • Architectural and Engineering Managers: $106,650
  • Chemical Engineers: $92,690
  • Soil and Plant Scientists: $82,730
  • Mining and Geological Engineers: $75,560

Some other facts that make West Virginia an attractive place to consider starting your career education; unemployment in June 2011 was 8.5 percent, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, which means the state holds an unemployment rate lower than the national average. Another accolade: For the past five years, the City of Morgantown has been named one of the Top 10 small towns on Forbes' America's Best Small Cities for Business and Careers list.

Choosing West Virginia career schools: Why it's a good choice

So there's money to be made, and great schools to attend, but what's it like to live in West Virginia? If you love the outdoors, you're in luck. The mountainous terrain is perfect for hikers, mountain bikers and hunters, plus there are plenty of rivers and lakes for fishermen and water enthusiasts. The third largest cave in the United States, Organ Cave is located in Ronceverte, and the largest prehistoric conical burial site in North America is located in Moundsville.

With a distinct country charm, West Virginia is also home to modern, thriving cities. You can find yourself traveling the dusty country roads of a far away era, then end up dining on a culinary feast that rivals any major city. Festivals dot the state each year, from the expected bluegrass fests to a national pasta cookoff, you'll find something to enjoy on the weekends.

West Virginia defies an easy description; there's more than meets the eye in this beautiful land. Add it to the top of your list for career colleges, and you'll get an education and an experience you won't forget.

Author: Megg Mueller is a journalist with almost two decades of experience. She has worked as a reporter and editor for the Reno Gazette-Journal and as an editor of health care and education manuals for Aspen Publishers, a subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer. She wrote a weekly column on the hotel industry during her tenure as assistant travel editor for USA TODAY.com. Mueller is the editor of a tourism-based website and also serves as a reporter for a weekly business newspaper.

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