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The US is located in the middle of the North American continent with Canada to the north and the United Mexican States to the south. The United States ranges from the Atlantic Ocean on the nation's east coast to the Pacific Ocean bordering the west, and also includes the state of Hawaii, a series of islands located in the Pacific Ocean, the state of Alaska located in the northwestern part of the continent above the Yukon, and numerous other holdings and territories.

A portal for United States of America History. Understanding history is empowering. An incident is but the furthest ripple of an ever-expanding wave that may have started eddying outward hundreds of years ago. One who has "insight" in history is able to harness the power of that wave's entire journey.

Learn about the 50 States history and heritage as well as early history and culture, geography, timeline, facts, history firsts, and famous people. Find a chronological compendium of remarkable and curious events in the history of the US.

Apart from the brief visit of the Scandinavians in the early eleventh century, the Western Hemisphere remained unknown to Europe until Columbus's voyage in 1492. However, the native peoples of North and South America arrived from Asia long before, in a series of migrations that began perhaps as early as forty thousand years ago across the land bridge that connected Siberia and Alaska.

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On This Day in History - Learn about historic facts about this day in history.

State Early Histories: First Inhabitants - Learn about the early inhabitants or first inhabitants of each of the fifty (50) US States and what lessons it might teach us about the early history of United States.

US State Histories: Historical Overview - Learn about each of the the fifty (50) US State history and heritage as well as details on population, geography, and facts. Access early history, timeline, facts, history firsts and famous people.

US State Facts: US History Firsts - Popcorn Trivia -Access profiles of each of the 50 US state's facts and state history firsts. Popcorn Trivia: Catch up on your trivia with these US history firsts and fun facts.

US Famous Peoples: History and Biographies -Links to histories and biographies of famous people from each of the 50 states. Learn history through the biographies of the famous people from your state. These famous Americans have influenced the lives of others and all have made the US their home.

State Histories: Historical Overview - Find an overview of each of the fifty (50) US States history and heritage as well as details on population, geography, and facts. Access official symbols, emblems, and mascots.

State History Timelines - Provides a chronological timeline of important events and dates in the history of each of the fifty (50) US States. Access official symbols, emblems, and mascots.

United States Timeline - Offers a chronological timeline of important dates and events in the history of the United States

Statehood: When did your State Join the Union? - Find a directory of dates that states were admitted into the union.

US Presidents - Find an index to the biographies of all presidents of the United States of America, ("POTUS"), from 1789 to present, that include background information, notable events, and some points of interest.

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America's history is not static. It's fluid. It changes, grows, becomes richer, and more complex when any individual interacts with it.