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The modern educational trend is moving more towards online learning. Online courses are a great choice for people on the go. If you are looking to further your career and enrich your life, search the online curriculum and subjects below.

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Online Learning gives student the Edge:

In the 21st Century, the concept of continuing education is recognized as being a necessary way to progress your career. A college degree is accepted as being almost essential to progression and 75% of managers have some form of higher learning. However, the process of acquiring a college degree can be a daunting one, especially if you are already working. Schools like University of Phoenix, DeVry University, Walden University, and Grand Canyon University recognize this and design their online degrees programs especially for continuing education for the busy professionals.

There are benefits to online learning that are not immediately obvious. For some people, studying online allows them access to techniques and information that they would not otherwise use with a more traditional college campus education. An online program format also allows greater flexibility in terms of perusing and manipulating information, and the use of associated software tools can aid analysis and synthesis – the basis of the continuing learning process in higher education. Read More »»»

Campus-Based Versus Distance Education:

The Twain Shall Meet

Experts across the educational spectrum say it's not where you study that matters most, but how you study.

There are both good and bad face-to-face learning experiences, and the same holds true for distance programs, says Debra Humphreys, Vice President for Communications at the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU). Although Humphreys favors the traditional path to a college education – one that involves taking classes and participating in student life on campus – she sees an important role for distance education, especially for targeted online programs leading to certification or a degree such as a Masters in Education or an Online MBA.

"Most of the research shows that at its best, learning is a social process," she says, "with plenty of give and take among students and between students and their professors." Traditional-age students – those between 17 and 23 – tend to benefit from such interaction, along with the structured classroom and the fixed routines of college life, she adds. Students' social skills flourish in tandem with the academic challenges they face, and so does their motivation. Read More »»»

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