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The US 50 States on the Web: 50 State Guide

Find facts about any of the 50 states in the Union, including Washington, DC, our Capitol

eReferenceDesk's US 50 States on the Web offers a resource guide to information and facts on and about the US 50 states. The United States of America is a country in North America. There are 50 states in the United States of America. They stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, and reach out to include Alaska and Hawaii. Every state has a capital city where its governor, legislators, and other state officers work. Elected senators and congressmen represent their home state in the nation's capital, Washington DC. Every state has selected its own motto, flag, bird, flower, and sometimes other favorite choices.

Find Facts about any of the 50 States

Find state colleges, universities, headline news, newspapers, debt consolidation, financial offerings, radios and TV stations, traffic reports, and state symbols: animals, birds, flags, flowers, seals, and more as well as quick links to social, demographic, and economic statistics.

Higher Education

Higher Education Guide - Offers college and university information for programs and degrees of online and campus colleges and universities, career, specialty, technical, trade and vocational schools, and junior colleges in the US

State Facts and Figures

Almanac Online: Quick Fact About the US States - Furnishes details on the state, its geography, climate and weather, elevation, land area, bordering states, and other statistical data. Access state facts and figures.

State Economies

State Economies: State Agriculture and Industries - Find an overview of each state's economy, including agriculture and industry services. Access facts about the economy and products.

State Geographies: The Land

US Geography: The Land - Find images, descriptions, and a overview of the geography, topography, geographic land area, and major rivers in each state.

State Histories

Learn about the 50 States history and heritage as well as early history and culture, geography, timeline, facts, history firsts, and famous people.

State Symbols

US State Symbols: Find a listing of US state symbols, emblems, and mascots for each of the 50 US states with descriptions, adoption dates, statutes, history, and pictures.


Find media (newspapers, television, radio), offering news, information and resources about US media.

State Agencies

US State Government Home Pages - Find a list of official government Websites home pages for the 50 American States, (four of which officially favor the term commonwealth) which, together with the District of Columbia, form the United States of America.

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50 State Guide
Statue opf Liberty: 50 States Guide
Find state colleges and universities, facts, social, demographic, and economic statistics, maps & trivia about the 50 US states including government, populations, US flags, state symbols, state landmarks, climate & more.
Hunting for a new job? Get advice or search over 1.6 million jobs on the largest job site
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