Lawn and the Garden

Three categories: garden and lawn design, lawn supply, and lawn care.

The appearance of your lawn and a garden are just as important as the interior of your home - especially if you are thinking of selling. Even if you not putting your home up for sale a well kept and healthy lawn and garden can provide you, your family, and friends with immense pleasure; not to mention increasing the value.

All living things need time to mature and the right levels of light, nutrients, and water to look their best. Caring for a garden and lawn can be enjoyable and rewarding - or purgatory depending on your viewpoint! You could, of course, hire a lawn and garden care company to do all the hard work. If you are radically changing your garden, or have a new plot, make sure that you can provide your investment with the attention it needs. Lawn and garden supply companies should be able to advise you on products and the level of care required.

There are various services available, which can be matched to your requirements. These break down into roughly three categories: garden and lawn design, lawn supply, and lawn care. Discuss with them what you want to achieve and how much you are prepared to do yourself. You can mix and match any or all of these services to suit your requirements.

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