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Palmetto state rooted in higher education

South Carolina, nicknamed The Palmetto State after the official state tree, offers a wide range of education opportunities from inland to the seaboard. Its more than 200 colleges, include trade schools, community colleges, four-year universities and numerous, career-training programs and universities.

Colleges & Universities in South Carolina

Cornerstone university blossoms

With more than 268,000 students enrolled in colleges across South Carolina, there is a school fit for your career path. Founded in 1801, The University of South Carolina offers a multitude of degrees and has eight campuses spread out across the state. USC has an enrollment of more than 44,500 students offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in dozens of programs.

Growing success in trade schools

If you want a specialized career, South Carolina career colleges and trade schools are made to inspire and hire into a range of professions. The Culinary Institute of Charleston, numerous private and public technical colleges, religious-leadership training schools, such as St. Anselm Seminary college and Holmes Bible College. Springfield School of Human Services, the Art Institute of Charleston are just two more of the high-quality, career colleges offering specialized degrees in South Carolina.

Barking up the money tree

There is no secret that law and medical school lead to some of the highest paying jobs in the nation. South Carolina offers two of each, including law schools at the The University of South Carolina and Charleston School of Law. In addition to the USC School of Medicine, and the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine can also help you achieve professional career in medicine through the Doctor of Osteopathy degree.

Standing tall in the field of your dreams

The cost of education in South Carolina is about the same as average for the rest of the nation, but the state does offer a lower cost of living, than many other states. An average, four-year education costs an in-state resident around $15,000. With an 82-percent, high school graduation rate, there are plenty of post-secondary students prepared to enter career colleges and trade schools in South Carolina--if they can find an interesting program that's worth the investment.

Branching off into your career

Trade, transportation and utilities sectors employ the highest number of workers in the state; these industries are followed closely by government jobs. Manufacturing, professional and business services, education and health services, leisure and hospitality jobs rank among the top 10 employment areas for the state. With so many South Carolina colleges and universities available, completing a degree in a program of your choosing should be a breeze.

Author: Angela Spires

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