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Idaho Counties
Idaho County map
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Idaho Counties
There are44 Counties in Idaho.
Counties are the largest political divisions within the state.

When Idaho became a territory in March, 1863, there were four Counties in existence: Boise, Idaho, Nez Perce and Shoshone. By the time Idaho became a state 27 years later, there were 15 counties. The rest of the 44 Counties came into existence during the 30 years after Idaho became a state. Two of the former Counties disappeared during this time. Alturas, which was created in 1864, was later divided into the many Counties now found in central Idaho. Logan County was only in existence for six years, from 1889 to 1895. It was combined with Alturas to form Blaine County and Lincoln County, which was formed just two weeks after Logan lost its identity.

Boise County, Idaho

Boise County History, Geography, and Demographics

County Seat: Idaho City
Year Organized: 1907
Square Miles: 1,902
Court House:

420 Main Street
County Courthouse
Idaho City, ID 83631-0000

Etymology - Origin of County Name

Boise County is named for the Boise River, which empties into the Snake River in western Canyon County. Boisé is French for wooded.


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County History

Established February 4, 1864 with its county seat at Idaho City. Named for the Boise River, which was named by French-Canadian explorers and trappers for the great variety of trees growing along its banks. The Boise Basin, in which Idaho City lies, was one of the richest gold mining districts in the nation after the discovery of gold in 1862. At its peak in the 1860s and 1870s, Idaho City was, for a time, the largest city in the northwest, it was this great influx of people that lead to the establishment of the Idaho Territory.

Neighboring Counties:

  • North: Valley County
  • East: Custer County
  • Southeast: Elmore County
  • Southwest: Ada County
  • West: Gem County

Cities and Towns:

- Crouch city Incorporated Area
- Horseshoe Bend city Incorporated Area
- Idaho City (County Seat) city Incorporated Area
- Placerville city Incorporated Area

County Resources:

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The history of our nation was a prolonged struggle to define the relative roles and powers of our governments: federal, state, and local. And the names given the counties, our most locally based jurisdictions, reflects the "characteristic features of this country!"