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Political Science Majors and Degrees

If you're interested in studying American politics, public policy, international relations, or political thought, then Political Science is the major for you.

As a political science major, you will study political processes both in the US and internationally, but you will also experience the world of politics firsthand through internships and partnerships that put you next to some of the nation's leading politicians. Political scientists examine public policy and how it gets made. Political scientists study campaigns and elections, leadership and leaders, and the interrelationships of political systems all over the world.

Political Science Majors and Degrees

Are you interested in American politics, international affairs, domestic developments in other parts of the world and political theory? Then a degree in political science is right for you.

A degree in political science can lead to many careers in federal, state and local governments. Political science students enjoy a wide range of challenging careers in federal, state, and local governments, business, international organizations, journalism, education, and law.  State and local governments offer positions on staffs of executive departments and agencies that deal with zoning, public and highway safety, welfare, traffic control and transportation, resource management, and industrial development.

Job Opportunities in Political Science

Average job growth in the United States is calculated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to be about 10 percent over 10 years. So the data below provide expected job growth in 2022?#8364;"8 years from now. In some cases, job growth is well over 10 percent, and a few are under 10 percent. The key point is that overall political science emerges as an excellent major from an employability standpoint.

Political scientists study the origin, development, and operation of political systems. They research political ideas and analyze governments, policies, political trends, and related issues. Political Scientists are employed by private companies, and at all levels of government, including international relations.

Overall expected growth, 2012-2022: 21 percent

Professional, scientific and technical services, 52%

Education, 30%

Interest groups, nonprofits, labor, business and other groups, 33%

Federal government, 4%

State and local government, 24%

Consulting, 52%

Social science research, 37%

Entry level education: Bachelor's or Master's degree

Median pay, 2012: $102,000

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