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Get your career started with a college degree in one of the many growing fields available. Your first step is getting your degree from your choice of qualified and well-recognized schools. At any of the private colleges offered here, you'll gain an education that can take you further in your career, or help you start a new one! You'll find out that not all schools are the same. Some schools offer certified programs; others offer full diploma and degrees and financial aid.

Private Colleges and Universities

US private colleges and universities offer a wide range of education programs with degrees and certificates up to the doctoral level, as well as professional degrees such as law and medicine.

These US private colleges are diverse in character, academic emphasis, and origins. Some private colleges or schools have a religious affiliation; others are secular. Private colleges and universities may be profit or non-profit institutions. Typically, independent colleges or private schools give weight to personal characteristics and activities in addition to considering GPA and test scores.

While many US private schools are considerably more expensive than comparable state institutions, they also tend to offer more generous financial aid packages. Many students have found the actual out-of-pocket cost to earn a degree from a private college in US to be less than the cost of the state schools to which they were accepted.

On the one hand, public colleges are usually less expensive, particularly for in-state residents. They get most of their money from the state or local government. Check out your state's Guide to Residency. US private colleges rely on tuition, fees, endowments, and other private sources of funding. On the other hand, US private colleges are usually smaller and can offer more personalized attention (and some believe, more prestige).

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