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PhD Degree: Doctorate in Criminal Justice

Doctoral students in criminal justice are expected to become expert researchers. All students take research methods courses. Some other primary areas of study include criminology and deviance, forensic psychology, and law.

PhD Degree: Doctorate in Criminal JusticeCrime is an inevitable part of society. There will always be some level of crime in any community, but high levels of crime indicate other problems within a community. Crime is not a natural occurrence. People aren't born to be criminals. There are usually aspects of their environment that lead them to criminal behavior. Many criminals have histories of abuse, poverty, and other social ills. Effective social programs, economic growth in poor communities, and an escalation of law enforcement can do a lot to curb crime.

PhD Degree: Doctorate in Criminal Justice

The criminal justice field takes a look at all three of these elements when training criminal justice students. A police force is not merely trained to combat criminals. They also are generally required to take some courses on the social problems that lead to criminal behavior. The criminal justice field also creates professionals that attempt to curb crime without force, such as probation and parole officers.

If you are passionate about the criminal justice field, and want to teach it at the college level, you may want to earn a PhD in criminal justice. Criminal justice PhD programs are also designed for people who want to research criminal behavior and trends. PhD professors often publish studies that help change law enforcement methods on a large scale.

Many large research universities have reputable PhD programs in criminal justice, and there are a growing number of PhD criminal justice programs offered online. These online programs are designed for those who can't leave their jobs to go back to school.

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