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Alaska Public Colleges and Universities - University of Alaska: Egan LibraryAlaska is one of the last fortresses of America's natural beauty with reality shows such as "Deadliest Catch" and "Flying Wild Alaska," the state lives up to it name. Alaska, "The Last Frontier," is America's largest state but has relatively few schools of higher education. Most Alaska colleges, community colleges and universities are located in or near Anchorage, which is home to about half the state's population. There you can spend your days studying against the backdrop of virtually untouched landscapes. Yes, while true, schools, universities, and public colleges in Alaska have a reputation for extremely cold winters, it is a small price to pay given the stunningly beautiful environment in which students pursue their degrees.

Looking for an Alaska Public College?

Alaska offers more than a dozen colleges and universities, from major public institutions like the University of Alaska Anchorage to technical training programs like Alaska's Institute of Technology.

The Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (ACPE) oversees the state's higher education system, providing education planning tools and resources, offering a suite of financial aid and outreach services, designed to provide educational access necessary for Alaskans to become peak performers, regardless of their financial status, educational consumer protection, programs that create early awareness on the importance of higher education, and advocating for postsecondary participation in Alaska.

Alaska also operates the University of Alaska System, comprised of three universities located in Alaska's most populous cities. These schools also offer 2 year degrees to residents of the community, operating as community colleges alongside their university offerings. The system's first school, located in Fairbanks, was established in 1917.

University of Alaska System Schools:

  • University of Alaska Anchorage (Anchorage)
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks (Fairbanks)
  • University of Alaska Southeast (Juneau)

Alaska Pacific University has consistently been ranked as having some of the best Master's degree programs within the United States by US News and World Report, while the University of Alaska at Fairbanks has a widespread reputation as one of the best universities in the Western United States.

The most popular institution and the most expensive public school is the University of Alaska Anchorage .

University of Alaska Fairbanks, "America's arctic university," is the nation's northernmost Land, Sea, and Space Grant university and international research center.

For studebnt who prefer a small-town college experience, the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau offers students who love the outdoors the chance to learn

If you reside the state of Alaska, find that there is an amazing array of online colleges and distance learning programs you can choose from if you are interested to continue your education or to earn an online college degree. Choose the right Alaska public college by discovering your choices.

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