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Louisiana Parishes

Louisiana is divided into sixty-four parishes. On March 31, 1807, the territorial legislature divided the state into 19 parishes, without getting rid of the old counties (which continued to exist until 1845). In 1811, a constitutional convention organized the state into seven judicial districts, each consisting of groups of parishes. In 1816, the first official map of the state used the term, as did the 1845 constitution. Since then, the official term has been parishes.

Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Plaquemines Parish Education, Geography, and HistoryPlaquemines Parish, Louisiana Courthouse

Plaquemines Parish is a parish located in the state of Louisiana. Based on the 2010 census, the population is 23,042. The parish was formed in 1807. The parish seat is Pointe a la Hache. The name "Plaquemines," in French Creole, is derived from the Atakapa word, piakimin, meaning persimmon.

Etymology - Origin of Plaquemines Parish Name

The parish name is a word meaning persimmons created from the Louisiana Creole French and the Mobile Native American language.


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Plaquemines County History

Plaquemines Parish was created on March 31, 1807. It is one of the 19 parishes, which were created by dividing the Territory of New Orleans. The parish name is a word meaning persimmons created from the Louisiana Creole French and the Mobile Native American language. The Parish seat is Pointe a la Hache.

Plaquemines Parish Courthouse - 1915

Gone but not forgotten...the Plaquemines Courthouse, built mostly from materials salvaged from its predecessor was completed in 1915, and was sadly destroyed by a fire in 2001. Located in the town of Pointe-a-la-Hache, west to east access to the courthouse was gained by crossing the Mississippi River on a ferry.

Geography: Land and Water

As reported by the Census Bureau, the parish has a total area of 2,567 square miles (6,650 km2), of which 780 square miles (2,000 km2) is land and 1,787 square miles (4,630 km2) (70%) is water.

 Plaquemines parish is located in southeast Louisiana. This parish is the largest parish by total area in Louisiana. Plaquemines Parish is bordered to the south and southeast by the Gulf of Mexico.

Neighboring Parishes

Bordering parishes and counties are as follows:

  • North: St. Bernard Parish
  • Southeast: Gulf of Mexico
  • West: Jefferson Parish
  • Northwest: Orleans Parish


Plaquemines Parish School Board operates the public schools of the parish.

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