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Ohio: Career education in the Buckeye State

Ohio is located between the industrial and manufacturing "rust belt" to the North, and the agricultural bounty of the Midwest. The capital Columbus, Toledo and Cincinnati are major commercial hubs, contributing to the state's non-farm economy. The Ohio Department of Development is spending $1.4 billion to bring jobs to the region. Ohio colleges, trade schools and technical schools can prepare you for a variety of career opportunities in the Buckeye State.

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Career education, colleges and universities in Ohio

The Ohio state university and college system includes 14 public universities with 23 branch campuses and 23 community colleges. The state's Board of Regents has issued certificates of authorization for 110 not-for-profit independent colleges, universities, and Ohio trade schools. The Board of Regents has also certified 26 for-profit colleges and universities in Ohio. This pool of educational institutions provides students at Ohio colleges and career schools with a wide range of choices for professional training.

The Ohio Department of Development notes that manufacturing, real estate and health care are among the top employment sectors in the state. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average annual salary and hourly wage for all Ohio jobs were $40,890 and $19.66 as of May, 2010.

These five employment sectors beat the state's average annual salary and wage rates as of May, 2010:

  1. Health care practitioners and technical occupations: 324,310 jobs with a mean annual salary of $66,890 and mean hourly wage of $32.16.
  2. Management: 183,760 jobs with a mean annual salary of $99,920 and mean hourly wage of $ 48.04.
  3. Business and finance: 217,470 jobs with a mean annual salary of $61,760 and mean hourly wage of $29.69.
  4. Engineering and architecture: 80,770 jobs with a mean annual salary of $69,190 and mean hourly wage of $33.26.
  5. Education, training and library: 303,440 jobs with a mean annual salary of $49,080 and mean wage of $23.59.

Living large in the Buckeye State

The National Association of Realtors reports median home prices for single family homes in Ohio as of the second quarter 2011:

  • Akron $100,200
  • Cincinnati $127,300
  • Columbus $130,800
  • Toledo $75,200

Ohio residents and visitors enjoy a variety of outdoor recreation: The state's network of lakes, rivers and streams provide recreational venues for camping boating, fishing and water sports. Ohio's designated scenic rivers include the intriguingly named Chagrin River near Cleveland and the Olentangy River near the north side of Columbus. These rivers are important watersheds and provide habitat to hundreds of wildlife species. City dwellers enjoy fine dining, museums, art galleries and performance venues in Ohio's larger cities. Visit Ohio's rural areas for antiquing and local crafts and foods.

Jump-start your career by contacting Ohio college and trade school admissions counselors. They can help with planning your degree or certificate program. College and university career development departments assist students with finding work while studying and after graduation. Contact financial aid counselors for determining eligibility for federal financial aid and applying for grants, scholarships and student loans.

Author: Karen Lawson is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about personal finance. She holds BA and MA degrees in English from the University of Nevada, Reno, and has successfully consolidated several student loans.

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