Debt Settlement Programs

Debt settlement, also known as debt negotiation, a process aimed at getting creditors to agree to a lump sum pay off for a reduced amount in full settlement of a debt.

Debt Settlement Programs

All you Need to Know about Debt Settlement Programs

Today's consumer has more buying power than ever before. There are offers everywhere:

  • zero percent financing
  • 12-months-no-payments
  • no annual fee credit cards

Many consumers swimming along happily in a sea of credit suddenly find themselves drowning in a quagmire of debt. According to a 1992 Federal Reserve study, 43 percent of U.S. families spend more than they earn and, according to, almost one out of every 100 American households will file for bankruptcy during their lifetime.

What should you do if you are one of these consumers? You could take advantage of one of the many services available to you, such as debt settlement programs. You can have your financial freedom back again. Read More »»»

Debt Settlement Companies

If you find that you are in debt and cannot meet payments, then maybe you should consider the services of debt settlement program company. We all occasionally spend more than we earn and borrow money either with a loan, overdraft, or credit card to meet expenses. However if you have gone down this route and now find that you cannot make the payments then you need to seek help to control your situation before having to declare personal bankruptcy.

There are many organizations that offer debt settlement programs and services. Providers of debt settlement programs analyze your financial situation and can advise you on making payments to creditors. They can negotiate on your behalf with collection agencies, attorneys, or other creditors. The main objective is for them to liaise with your creditor and agree a manageable amount for you to pay every month. This you do until the debt has been cleared.

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