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Freedom of the College Press: Publications & Media

In April 2003, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the campus press in the case of Hosty v. Governors State University. Since October 31, 2000, when Governors State officials demanded prior review of the Innovator newspaper, no issue of the paper has been published.

The following list US college newspapers, university newspapers, school newspaper, and communication and multimedia schools by state that maintain a presence for students to write about campus as well as national concerns.

The Yale Daily News is number one again in 2015. For the first time since 2010, the Yale University pub has reached the summit of the Princeton Reviews 'Best College Newspapers' ranking. The 2014 edition of the high-profile list features a mix of expected and out-of-nowhere campus papers.

The Daily Orange at Syracuse University vaulted from seventh from last year to second in the current version. The Cornell Daily Sun at Cornell University dropped from first in 2013 to third this time around. Meanwhile, The Daily Bruin at UCLA is the highest-rated paper to break into the top 20 at number 4 after being left off the year before. Just below the Bruin at number five, The Maroon at Loyola University New Orleans is also a new invite to the Princeton Review 'Best College Newspapers' party.

All of these college newspapers have at least current or latest issue coverage, sometimes limited to stories of local interest. (Newspapers lacking news content online have been excluded.)

Many of these sites also serve as gateways to local community information, sports, reference resources, and news from other sources.

Interested in a Career in Journalism?

Journalists are the great communicators of our society. Journalism majors have many different career options available to them after graduation. A degree in journalism will jump start your career in as a broadcast journalism, investigative journalist, photojournalism career, sports journalism, communications careers, social media, public relations career, correspondents, broadcast news analysts, newspaper editor, and a reporter to same a few.

Because the field of journalism is so broad, journalists typically chose an area or areas of specialization. While some journalists decide to specialize in a type of media (digital journalism, print journalism, broadcast journalism) others opt to specialize in a particular subject focus (business journalism, health care, sports journalism).

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