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US Associations of Broadcasters

Television Broadcasting Stations and Media

These state association of broadcasters are much like their national counter-part, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) which conducts public service programs throughout the country, and supports a variety of community activities to promote the field of radio/TV broadcasting. From the state-wide United Way television marathons or local heart-fund broadcasts from shopping malls, to public affairs programming of candidates to state legislature or city-wide election results, are all part of the continuous broadcasts efforts of these members to inform, educate and familiarize radio/TV listeners to current issues or pending legislation.

Also providing member with a wide-variety of services, including lobbying at the state and federal levels, legal counsel, professional development, annual convention, scholarships, employment opportunities and various publications.

Find up-to-date legislative information. Visit these broadcasting associations to find your rep, get names and contact information, find out who's on what committee, what legislation is being considered and much more!

US Associations of Broadcasters

National (NAB)