HVAC - AC & Heating Installation

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If you're considering new or replacement ac and heating installation for your home, you should evaluate your contractor before signing on the bottom line. Whether you're still shopping around, or even if you've already chosen your heating system, you should make wise choices on which company is going to actually perform the heating or air conditioning installation. It may seem obvious to you, but many people never check to see if the contractor has a license. It's also important that the company is insured. On-the-job accidents happen.

HVAC- AC & Heating Installation

One of the most important aspects of your home is the quality and performance of your heating and cooling system. Whether during the hot, dry summer or the bitter-cold winter, making sure that the inside of your home stays at a constant, comfortable temperature is of paramount importance. Yet most of us do not even think about our heating and cooling system until it starts to fail. It is something that we just seem to take for granted.

Before the job begins, you'll want to see that the quoted price includes the equipment, installation, all permits, and taxes. Ask if the heating or air conditioning installation is performed by your contractor, or if a subcontractor you do not know will do the job. Does your contractor secure proper permits required by your municipality? If you live where a permit is required and the contractor works without one, you may be forced by law to have the job done over. Upon replacing an older unit, is your contractor EPA certified to remove any harmful refrigerants? Make sure that your contractor provides written warranties on labor and equipment. Homework now may save you money and heartache later.

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