Why Bathrooms Renovation

Bathroom renovation make a big difference in a small space.Bathroom renovation: make a big difference in a small space


First of all, doing bathroom remodeling is a very wise choice. Of all home improvements, the one that is most sure to reap good return on the investment is bathroom renovations. The US Realty Organization indicates that the percentage of bathroom renovation costs versus return on the investment is 90.1%. That is 4% more than any other type of home improvement.

What Type of Bathroom Decor is best?

There really is no one answer to that question. A lot has to do with the look of the home over all. Installing country style bathroom cabinets in an ultra modern house would not feel right. Take into consideration the norm for the neighborhood as well. A dream oasis type bathroom decor might be very appealing. However, if it is the exception rather than the rule on the block, chances are it won't gain anything in resale value.

Do-It-Yourself Bathroom Remodeling Projects

The bathroom is really one place it is wise to hire a contractor. With plumbing and wiring to worry about, the margin for error is slim. Among the do-it-yourself projects consider smaller bathroom renovations such as painting, replacing the bathroom cabinets, or changing the towel racks and other decorative hardware.

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