Why Replacement Doors

Put your house in a whole new prospective with replacement doorsDoors


Doors are an important factor in determining your home's style and functionality. The doors you choose will establish the style of home you are striving for. An entry door can invite the outside world into your home as well as protect your family from it. You may want to have several French or patio doors leading to the outdoors to let a great amount of light in, or in the interior to give a dramatic entrance to a special room.

Doors seem more functional than fashionable yet with the many exciting styles to choose from they can add a special touch to the home. Consider the elegant look of French doors, the sophisticated styles of today's fiberglass doors, or the airy effect of patio slider doors.

Since new doors give you such a wide array of options in terms of type to choose from and a variety of each. It may be necessary for a professional installer to help you decide upon which doors whether they are energy efficient doors, fiberglass doors, French doors, patio doors, slider doors, steel doors, or storm doors that best suited to your home's unique architecture and assist you in selecting each door's material, style and operation.

Outer Door Types

Outer doors should all be energy efficient doors. Fiberglass doors, French doors, patio or slider doors can all be energy efficient doors depending on how they are constructed. Glazing on the glass in French doors, patio or slider doors as well as vacuum sealed multiple panes contribute to their classification as energy efficient doors. Steel doors, on the other hand, can be great conductors of excessive heat or cold. In areas with extreme weather this can limit how energy efficient steel doors are.

Doors for Extreme Weather

Storm doors are dual purpose doors used in areas that experience severe winter conditions. In the winter, storm doors are fitted with a double pane glass window to protect the inner door from weather damage while increasing how energy efficient the door is. In summer the glass on a storm door is replaced with a screen to allow light and air to flow.

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