Why Patios, Decks and Hot Tubs

Make your patio your everyday getaway

Patios, Decks and Hot Tubs

Patios, Decks and Hot Tubs are Great Investments

The US Realtor Organization lists a patio or deck as the second best in home improvement investments. There is nothing like heading out to relax on the patio or deck to enjoy the weather. Many people add to their enjoyment with a swimming pool installation. Unless there are many swimming pools around the neighborhood, however, a swimming pool should be added for personal enjoyment rather than enhancing the resale value of a house.

The Difference between a Patio and a Deck

When speaking of a patio, most people think of a cement or concrete block structure built on or close to ground level. A deck, on the other hand, is most often a raised structure made of wood or fiberglass.

Patios, Decks and Pools Combined

Using a little creativity, patios, decks and pools can be combined in such a way that they enhance the enjoyment of the rest of the yard and garden. Layered decks that lead down toward the patio and pool area can give a great view of the landscaping features such as flower gardens, fountains, or statuary. If an above ground swimming pool installation is considered then a deck might be preferable. Similarly, a patio is more suited to an in ground swimming pool installation.

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