Why Home Security

Home Security: Protect your home with a home security system - or take your chances.

The Importance of Home Alarms and Security Systems

Homes without security systems are 3 times as likely to be broken into as those with home security systems or alarms. 90% of police officers believe that residential security systems help to reduce burglary. In break-ins, homes with security systems averaged $400 less in losses than did homes without home alarms. 94% of all people who have home security alarm systems are very satisfied with them and feel more secure having them. In 2000, Americans spent $17.5 billion dollars on home security alarm systems. That figure has been steadily climbing every year. These are some pretty compelling facts.

There are an abundance of security companies in America today, most of them small businesses.

Home Security: To protect your home and family

Choosing the right company and systems for the job can be daunting. Are features like motion sensors, call centers, and private security personnel necessary? These questions are more easily answered with accurate and descriptive information.

Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems

Although most reports indicate that crime is going down nationwide, it certainly doesn't seem that way based on nightly news reports that depict fairly frequent upsurges in criminal activity. Maybe the news is skewing the facts a little bit to increase ratings, but ultimately, why take any chances? This is especially true with your home. If you can't feel safe there, where can you feel safe? This is why investing in a good home security system is essential in today's helter-skelter world. Read More »»»

Home Fire Alarms

By 1999 93% of all American dwellings had fire alarms installed. By the middle 1980's, 38 states had home fire alarm laws in place. These laws regulate the number of home fire alarms that are required in each and every dwelling place. The reason for having functioning home fire alarms is obvious. The chance of fatalities occurring in a home protected by a fire alarm is 50% less than an unprotected home. Professionally installed home security alarm systems that include fire alarms are in more than 17% of all American residences today. With so many excellent reasons to protect home and family from the dangers of crime and fire, it is a wise investment in security.

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