Home Burglary Protection

Home Burglary Protection: It's your home, make it the best it can be.Home Burglary Protection

Home Burglary Protection

Burglars choose targets that are easily accessible - protect your business by making it uninviting to a burglar and making it hard to gain entry. You should take measures to increase the likelihood the burglar will get caught if they do try to enter your business. Finally, if the burglar is able to gain entry, you can limit the amount of loss by making it hard to remove valuable items

There are an abundance of security companies in America today, most of them small businesses.

If you're interested in burglary protection - and if you're a homeowner, you should be - listening up. Protecting your front door with a double or deadbolt lock is not enough to provide your home with security. Statistics have shown that burglars can also break into your home through the following avenues:

  1. Back Door
  2. First Floor Windows
  3. Garage
  4. Basement
  5. Second Floor Windows
  6. Unlocked Entrances and Storage Areas

Scared yet? Well, you should also know that 60% of all burglaries happen while the home is occupied. Being home isn't enough. Clearly, to provide maximum protection against burglary you can't just rely on half-measures. You'll need a comprehensive security package, such as the one offered below. It features the following

  1. A Yard Sign. This tells the burglar: move on and pick on someone else's house.
  2. Warning Decals. This adds yet another level of security, in case the burglar doesn't see the sign.
  3. A Loud Siren. If a burglar breaks in, the whole neighborhood will hear about it.
  4. 24 Hour Monitoring. Make sure your home is being monitored night and day. Have the authorities notified right away as soon as an alarm is triggered.

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