Why Vinyl SidingVinyl Siding

Improve your home from the outside with vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is probably the most popular choice in siding replacement, strong enough to protect your house from the elements and unforeseen circumstances. Unlike wood siding, it does not suffer from weather damage, insect damage, or dry rot. Vinyl also has an attractive look, and can be textured to look like wood, or masonry.

House Siding

House siding is any material applied to the outside of the house to make it weatherproof. The presence of home siding is often taken for granted but when applied over good quality insulation, house siding can save 30% of annual heating and cooling costs.

Why Vinyl Siding is a More Popular Type of Home Siding

The durability of most brands of vinyl siding make it the most cost effective alternative. Siding contractors can provide a wide selection of colors and styles for home siding. There is even a brand of vinyl siding made to look like cedar siding. The low upkeep involved in vinyl siding is another reason it has become so popular. Painting is not needed with vinyl siding and cleaning it is much easier than wood siding. Stucco, stone, brick, and cement are other forms of house siding but while the look and style of these alternatives are very popular today their cost can be prohibitive for many home owners.

Is Hiring a Siding Contractor Necessary?

Most types of vinyl house siding are made to be simple enough for amateur carpenters to undertake the job. Hiring a siding contractor to do the work is a good choice, however, as installing home siding can be a very long and labor intensive job for most individuals.

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