Why Window Treatments

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Types of Window Treatments

There are many different types of window treatments and window fashions change almost as quickly as clothing. Just like haute couture, some fashions will appear dated very quickly. Unless a homeowner is interested in replacing draperies, or shades very regularly, (or is unconcerned about what neighbors think) bold, fashionable, styles are probably best avoided. There are plenty companies that can advise on style and type of window treatments. If frames are rotten, it may be time to consider full window replacement too. Shutters can offer protection against the elements, and heavy draperies can add further insulation against extreme cold, and draughts. Blinds and shades are useful where space is limited, or where billowing curtains may create a hazard e.g. close to hobs or sinks.

Things to Consider

It is important to use a style, which is in keeping with the rest of a home's decor. For example blinds suitable for a minimalist New York apartment would look out of touch in a chintzy New England family home. Most cities and states also have their own particular window treatments and fashions. Natural daylight and physical properties are also important. Maybe draughty windows are an issue, in which case heavy curtains are necessary. Slatted timber shutters can be a useful solution for enjoying natural air circulation, but also good for blocking out nosy neighbors, or an unsightly view. Heavy duty shutters might be worthwhile for extremely hot, or very cold climates. There is also the added bonus of increased security too.

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