Tree and Shrub Care

Diseases and insects can kills a tree or shrub

Everybody loves to be outside; better still in a healthy and attractive environment. Like all living things, trees and shrubs occasionally suffer from disease and damaging insect attack. It is important to deal with the problem quickly before it spreads throughout the plant. At worst, the plant could die or the trouble could extend to other specimens. Even if your garden is healthy, some shrubs and fruit trees need specific pruning techniques to promote flowers or fruit.

In general, problems are far more easily dealt with and cured at an earlier, rather than a later stage. Many diseases and insects can eventually kill the tree or shrub - it makes sense to deal with it efficiently; especially if it is a slow growing or valuable specimen. Some insect infestations and diseases can present a health hazard to humans and may even make a property un-saleable or reduce its value.

Just as you would care for the health of a member of your family, you need to be on your guard for signs of insect attack or disease in your garden. You wouldn't dream of not servicing your car or missing a dental check-up so why do it with another valuable asset? A regular check by an expert and early appropriate treatment may save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

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