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Arts & Design & Fashion Majors and Degrees

Thinking art, design, or fashion? Arts & Design & Fashion Majors and Degrees

You may focus on graphic design, studio arts, or art education as a college major.

There many design programs that offer degrees in graphic design, interior design, fashion design, web design, and even game design. But which school is best suited to get you the design job you want?

Art, design, and fashion degree programs feature a unique fusion of creative, technology, and business sense that prepares the students for success in the industry. Degrees in this field are available on-campus or online, perfect for students coping with personal and professional commitments. This is high-impact career training is designed for multiple learning styles and radical employment tracks.

Arts & Design & Fashion Majors and Degrees

Ambitious designers have a few different choices when choosing a design schools. Traditional universities and colleges may offer fashion design degree programs, for instance. These types of educational institutes offer traditional college experiences, paired with a well-rounded education. They are often perfect for students who are looking to earn a degree in fashion, yet still wish to take some of the more traditional electives. Other schools, however, may be more suited to more imaginative students. These types of schools often offer a number of art and design degrees, including fashion design degrees. Unlike traditional colleges and universities, these types of schools offer mainly art courses. Fashion design schools, or fashion institutes, on the other hand, are generally geared more toward those with fashion on the brain. These schools are all about fashion.

Arts, Design and Fashion degree programs focus in teaching and developing student's creative thinking and practical application. Courses offer the exploration and experimentation of a wide range of skills and techniques.

Art and design degrees can take many forms, including fashion, graphic design, multimedia and web design, advertising, art appreciation and education, and many others. But all of these degree programs will teach you work patterns, technologies, tools, and techniques that will prepare graduates for a seamless transition to their lives as working artists and designers.

Students should also investigate accrediting groups for the specific art or design program they are interested in.

If students want to go straight into employment they could work in a range of career areas including interior design; fashion production / retail; fabric and textile design; graphic design; or freelance photography.

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