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Floral Design Schools, Floristry & Flower Arranging

Turn your passion for arranging flowers into a career become a floral designer, learn floral design and floristry. Find and compare degrees.Floral Design Schools, Floristry and Flower Arranging

Learn floral design techniques and styles, flower displays and more.

The art of design has many different facets. One thing that is shared in the many different faces of design is a sense of style. Style is organic, and it's a hard skill to develop. Some say that people either have it or they don't. Having a strong sense of style is unfortunately only one aspect of being a good designer, however. Every good designer must know how to manipulate their design medium in order to get the look they're going for.

Floral Design Schools, Floristry and Flower Arranging

One type of designer that doesn't always come to mind is the floral designer. Floral designers usually run or work at flower shops. They are responsible for designing floral arrangements for weddings, parties, and any number of other gatherings. Being a floral designer definitely takes a strong sense of style and expertise. Floral designing necessitates a knowledge of flowers, their odors, and their many different colors and textures. Flower bouquets work best when they are balanced between many different floral attributes.

If you want to be a floral designer, you should look into attending a floral design school. There are a number of reputable floral design schools located across the country. These schools teach students how to properly care for and treat plants. They also introduce students to a wide variety of flowers from different environments, which enhance a student's overall floral knowledge. Most floral design school graduates move on to take positions at floral shops or in green houses.

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