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Hospitality Management Majors

What is Involved with Studying Hospitality Majors?

As the population enjoys increased disposable income and more free time, it could be argued that well trained workers in the world of hospitality increasingly will be in demand. Hospitality covers arrange of similar business models. These businesses include hotels, conference suites, golf clubs, gyms, restaurants, theme parks, and spas.

Hospitality Management Majors

Typical hospitality careers training needs to include subjects to help you manage resources, customers, money, and maintenance. You may learn how to use specific payroll or stock control software. You might learn about marketing and promotion. This is particularly important where you need to balance the comfort of current customers with the need to increase revenue by attracting more in, while at the same time acknowledging that there will be a natural drop off rate. Nowhere is this more visible than the rush after Christmas at most gyms! Other subjects could include tax, health and safety, fire precautions, public liability, staff training, motivation, team building, and recruitment.

What Careers Can I Follow with this Training?

The skills required for most varieties of hospitality are essentially the same, so specializing in one particular field need not necessarily preclude you from applying for other roles within the industry. If You do decide to move from say hotels to gyms, you may have to look at positions with slightly less responsibility or a longer probation period until you can prove you can successfully transfer your skills. Initially, hospitality careers open to you as a new graduate might include deputy manager of a restaurant, or small gym.

Hospitality Management Schools
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