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Iridology is the study of the colored area of the eyes called the iris. Iridology studies have shown that psychological and physical challenges as well as strengths can be revealed by observing the iris. Shapes and colors can be observed through magnification that can help the practitioner identify possible health concerns.

Iridology Degree Programs

Iridology assumes that each organ or system of the body indicates its level of health through a person's iris in his or her eye. If something is wrong with a person's liver, for example, an iridologist will claim that the liver's ailment will present itself upon close study of the patient's iris. Iridology is one of the faster growing alternative medicine practices, and if you're interested in becoming an iridologist, there are a number of programs and courses available within holistic or alternative medicine schools. Iridology students are often given a map of the human iris and have to memorize how the different parts of the iris correspond with the human body.

You are encouraged to fulfill your interest in this holistic health specialty by seeking an iridology school near you or through online correspondence.

An iridology program will introduce you to the history of this practice that dates back centuries in many parts of the world. You will also learn how iridology works as an assessment tool to assist in diagnosis and treatment through other natural health techniques. Your iridology studies will also teach you the relationships between lifestyle and environment with today's health issues or problems.

Iridology schools offer programs and degrees designed to supplement other natural health methods. It is used by numerous health care practitioners and requires professional certification. Ongoing research in iridology, both in Europe and North America, continues to validate the reliability of assessing potential health difficulties.

If this holistic health specialty interests you as a further means to help your clients, then choose an iridology program or degree and find out how you can get started.

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