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In an age where global connectivity, scientific achievement, and technological advances could potentially eclipse the importance of religious studies and theology programs, it would seem that the great religions of the world are becoming even more and more relevant each and every day. Christian studies, Muslim texts, Jewish scripture, and Buddhist teachings seem to constantly provide numerous examples of how to live our lives more responsibly, more peacefully, and more compassionately. These areas are especially important since cloning technology, senseless wars, and terrorism constantly challenge our understanding of what makes us unique; what makes us human.

Theology Programs, What One Learns

In a typical theology program, one might take various comparative religion courses in order to establish a firm foundation upon which to build. Thereafter, a student might study scripture purely from an academic perspective, or a student could choose to follow a more devoted religious path with the hopes of becoming ordained in whatever religion he or she chooses. And even within these two different paths, there exist numerous branches worth following. Some enjoy historical religion, while others prefer to approach religion from a more philosophical or existential viewpoint.

Career Outlook with Theology Programs

Most of the world believes in some type of higher calling or being. Within Christian studies alone, one could find ample opportunities for work and career advancement after graduating from a theology program. But by adding other major religions to the mix, the opportunities are truly overwhelming. And as time goes by, the role and importance of religion will only become more pronounced.

Source: Religious Tolerance

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