Massachusetts College Newspapers & Journalism Schools

College Newspapers & Journalism Schools in Massachusetts

The following is a list of Massachusetts college and Massachusetts university newspapers that maintain an online presence for students to write about campus as well as national concerns. These listing of college and university newspapers in Massachusetts that can be found online. The amount of information available in electronic format varies.

Massachusetts College & University Newspapers

  • Amherst College - Amherst, The Amherst Student Online
  • Boston College - Chestnut Hill, The Heights
  • Boston College, Boston College Chronicle
  • Boston College -
  • Boston University -
  • Boston University,
  • Boston University , NETCOMTALK-College of Communication
  • Clark University - ClarkNews
  • College of the Holy Cross - Holy Cross Magazine, Massachusetts
  • Emerson College - Boston,
  • Fitchburg State College -  News & Events
  • Framingham State College, Massachusetts - Gatepost, The
  • Harvard University - Cambridge,
  • Harvard University - Cambridge, Harvard Magazine
  • Harvard University - Cambridge, Harvard Political Review
  • Harvard University - Cambridge, Harvard University Gazette
  • Harvard University - Cambridge,
  • Harvard University - Cambridge,  Perspective
  • Harvard University - Cambridge, The Citizen
  • Lesley University - Cambridge, Lesley News
  • MIT - Cambridge, The Tech
  • MIT-Wellesley - Cambridge, Counterpoint
  • Mount Holyoke College - The College Street Journal
  • Northeastern University - Boston,
  • Northeastern University - The Northeastern Voice
  • Tufts University - Medford, The Observer
  • University of Massachusetts -  Campus Chronicle Online
  • University of Massachusetts - The Daily Collegian
  • Williams College - Williamstown, Record Wired
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Worcester,

Massachusetts Journalism Degree

Interested in a career in journalism in Massachusetts? Journalists are the great communicators of our society. Journalism majors have many different career options available to them after graduation. A degree in journalism will jump start your career in Massachusetts as a broadcast journalism, investigative journalist, photojournalism career, sports journalism, communications careers, social media, public relations career, correspondents, broadcast news analysts, newspaper editor, and a reporter to same a few.

Because the field of journalism is so broad, journalists typically chose an area or areas of specialization. While some journalists decide to specialize in a type of media (digital journalism, print journalism, broadcast journalism) others opt to specialize in a particular subject focus (business journalism, health care, sports journalism).

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