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Hawaii Career Colleges and Universities

Career and Technical Training in Hawaii

Career Colleges, Technical Schools, and Universities in Hawaii

Say 'Aloha' to career education: career colleges, universities, and trade schools in Hawaii. Learn more about the Island's beautiful campuses. Each program from a Hawaii Career College, a post-secondary for-profit institution, offers an education with an in-demand career field. The programs are designed to get you work-ready, equipped with the practical knowledge, and the competence needed to obtain a competitive career in Hawaii.

At career colleges in Hawaii, you typically don't take general education classes in core subjects such as English and math. Instead, you focus on career-related courses.

Career Education in Hawaii Cities:

Hawaii Career-Focused Degree Programs

Attending college in Hawaii can enrich your mind, body and resume. Say ""aloha"" to your academic future on the island state.

Hawaii state colleges, universities and career schools

Close your eyes and imagine that a coconut-scented, tropical breeze is gently rustling your hair. The air smells like salt and fresh-cut sugar cane. In the distance, you can hear the ""whoosh"" of a wave crashing against the shore. Now imagine that you're on your way to class to study business, law, medicine or marine science. Say ""Aloha"" to college in Hawaii.

Where and what to study in Hawaii colleges

There are trade schools, degree programs, colleges and universities galore in Hawaii, including public and private two and four-year programs. Hawaii's public higher education system is the University of Hawaii, which has three universities and seven community colleges offering undergraduate and graduates degrees, certificate programs and vocational training.

There are also several private institutions in Hawaii. Hawaii Tokai International College (HTIC) offers a two-year program in liberal arts, which can be an ideal choice for students who have broad and varied interests. In HTIC's English as a Second Language program international students can develop their English language skills before beginning an academic program.

Hawaii Pacific University is world-renowned for its diverse population of students; Hawaii Pacific was ranked by the Institute of International Education as one of the top international opportunities for global graduate students. And, like its Utah counterpart, Brigham Young University, Hawaii offers students the opportunity to pursue rigorous academics alongside spiritual fulfilment.

Because of Hawaii's unparalleled access to natural marine and geological resources, popular majors include marine and aquatic biology and other environmental sciences. Hawaii is also an immensely popular tourist destination, making related academic concentrations, such as business, marketing, hospitality and hotel management an attraction for students who want to work in this booming industry.

Island life after graduation

Spend a few years in paradise, studying subjects you're passionate about, and it makes sense that you might want to stick around in Hawaii. But what kind of professional opportunities await you?

The mean annual income across all occupations for people who live and work in Hawaii is $43,740. Much of Hawaii's local economy is dependent upon the tourism industry. The Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism is expecting slow but sure growth, although the forecast for visitors relies upon the health of other local and global economies.

Hawaii's many resorts and hotels are large resources for local jobs. Some sample positions in this industry include:

  • Hotel management
  • Marketing
  • Concierge
  • Accountant

Hawaii's many ecological features make it a magnet for professionals in Life Sciences fields, including:

  • Geoscience
  • Biology
  • Environmental science
  • Forestry

If you're interested in pursuing careers in either of these industries, consider immersing yourself in the rich academic and ecological environments of Hawaii. Warm sand, turquoise water and tropical forests make a great backdrop for higher education. Dive in!

Author: Sara Faith Alterman

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