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Iowa Education and Teaching Degrees

Education and Teaching Degrees: Iowa Career Colleges

Career Colleges:Iowa Education and Teaching Degrees

Looking for accredited career colleges, technical schools, and universities in Iowa offering Education and Teaching degrees.

Learning how to teach: teacher training, k12, leadership, secondary education training, curriculum development and more.

If Iowa is famous for anything, it is famous for its natural beauty. What little land that has been touched has been converted to farms and orchards, so even then, Iowa is a beautiful place to live. If you are a person who suffers easily from distractions, colleges and universities in Iowa are perfect for you. You can study in a relatively calm and serene environment without losing focus.

Career Colleges: Iowa Education and Teaching Programs

Learning how to teach: degrees for educators

Your degree in education or teaching can open doors to careers in kindergarten through high school (K-12), curriculum coordination, educational leadership or specialty fields, including pre-kindergarten, child development and special education.

Most states require a bachelor's degree and supervised classroom experience to get started in the field. Check with your state's department of teacher licensing for specific requirements on what it takes to oversee your own classroom. Teachers and administrators are usually required to complete coursework and certifications throughout their careers.

The BLS reports the following median annual salaries for K-12 teachers in May 2010:

  • Elementary school: $51,600

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