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Career and Technical Training in New Mexico

Career Colleges, Technical Schools, and Universities in New Mexico

New Mexico career colleges and universities: An enchanting mix of academia and application. Higher education is diverse in the state. Each program from a New Mexico Career College, a post-secondary for-profit institution, offers an education with an in-demand career field. The programs are designed to get you work-ready, equipped with the practical knowledge, and the competence needed to obtain a competitive career in New Mexico.

At career colleges in New Mexico, you typically don't take general education classes in core subjects such as English and math. Instead, you focus on career-related courses.

Career Education in New Mexico Cities:

New Mexico Career-Focused Degree Programs

New Mexico career education ranges from vocational schools to post-grad programs. Enjoy college in a state where old West, native and Hispanic cultures create an intoxicating brew.

New Mexico higher education offers surprising versatility

For a state that is fifth in land mass but 36th in population, New Mexico excels at bringing higher education close to its far-flung student population. Native Americans make up 9.4 percent of New Mexico's citizenry and so account for a higher percentage of college students than in many states. Hispanic and African-American students also attend colleges in New Mexico in large numbers. If a culturally diverse student body and countless outdoor and indoor recreational activities attract you, get your career training in the ""Land of Enchantment.""

New Mexico higher education costs

Major college costs are a combination of a school's tuition and fees and the state's cost of living. Many students opt to save money by attending community college for the first two years of undergraduate studies. For the 2011-2012 academic year, these are some estimates of the cost of New Mexico career training:

  • New Mexico Junior College costs roughly $325 for 12 weekly hours of class time with in-district, resident tuition, and $565 for out-of-district students.
  • By comparison, most full-time students taking 12 to 18 semester hours at the University of New Mexico will pay about $3,000 per semester in January 2012, though Nursing and Dissertation students pay more. M.D. students will pay about $20,000 per semester for tuition, along with mandatory insurances and fees.
  • At the top end are colleges like St. John's College in beautiful, historic Santa Fe. Tuition and fees there for the 2011-2012 academic year are about $42,400.

Twenty-one states have an overall higher cost of living, but you can find big differences between cities like Albuquerque, Santa Fe and New Mexico's smaller towns. Online and Distance Learning courses can maximize savings.

Put your career training to work

A spectrum of industries keep New Mexico running from agriculture and auto mechanics to health services and scientific research. These are six major employment sectors:

  1. Services: This means anything from hair styling to computer repair.
  2. Government: Includes Los Alamos National Laboratory, White Sands Test Center and other military research labs.
  3. Education and health services: These range from kindergarten teachers to post-grad professors, dental assistants to web design instructors, nurses to neurosurgeons.
  4. Professional and business services: Engineers, architects, bankers, accountants, bookkeepers and similar.
  5. Goods production: New Mexico produces computer chips, telephone equipment, chemicals, concrete and petroleum products, plus more traditional goods like clothing and food.
  6. Leisure and hospitality: The world's biggest hot air balloon festival, major archaeological sites, spectacular wildlife viewing and skiing draw thousands.

The average weekly wage in the state's largest county--Bernalillo--was $849 for the fourth quarter of 2010. This weekly take home pay and that in 32 smaller counties is well below the national average of $971 per week. At $1540 and $1322, only Los Alamos and Eddy Counties saw higher than average weekly earnings, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

New Mexico's natural areas, regional cultures and delightful climate create an exciting playground when students need a break. It's not difficult to think of spending a lifetime in New Mexico. Educate yourself and get enchanted.

Author: Susanne Clemenz

Suzanne Clemenz designed her passive solar home and remodeled two others. She worked with architects and contractors on floorplans, electrical, painting, windows, flooring installations, flood prevention walls and stonework, major drainage issues, an irrigation system and landscaping.

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