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Official State Student Financial Aid

State Agencies Responsible for Administering Student Financial Aid Programs!

Student Financial Aid:  State Agencies Finding scholarships for college or a major university is a lot like picking an actual college. It is not an easy process or something that just happens overnight, but rather, it takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of research to find the scholarship opportunities that are best for you. On the one hand, you are putting a lot of time, work, and effort into finding a scholarship. But just think about the thousands of dollars that you can save by obtaining a scholarship for college.

Official State Student Financial Aid

Financial aid like scholarships and grants are basically money gifted to students or pupils to help them get through college or university and can be in various forms. They are different from student loans in the sense that they don't have to be paid back.

State agencies for College Student Financial Aid

  • Alabama Commission on Higher Education
    The Alabama Commission on Higher Education's home page provides comprehensive information to help Alabama residents plan and pay for college, including links to state student aid programs, distance learning programs, and more.
  • AlaskAdvantage Programs (AK Commission on Postsecondary Education)
    Alaska's student aid website provides residents with the most comprehensive information and resources available on student assistance programs, loans, grants, and scholarships, as well as information on how to apply.
  • Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education (ACPE)
    ACPE's mission is to expand access and increase success in higher education for Arizona citizens by helping students and families plan, enter, and succeed in college and making more student financial aid available. Find out more here!
  • Arizona Student Information Center (AZ Board of Regents)
    For current or prospective student at Arizona's Public Universities - this web site from the Board of Regents should be the first place you turn for information on college admissions, tuition, financial aid, transfers, and much more!
  • Arkansas Financial Aid (Arkansas Department of Higher Education)
    Arkansas' financial aid website provides students with information about Arkansas student aid programs, loans, scholarships and grants - New Grant: GO! Opportunities Grant
  • Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund (ASPSF) 
    Arkansas offers Single Parent Scholarships in 66 counties to help impoverished single parents attain self-sufficiency through post-secondary education. Search for your county and find out how to apply for a single parent scholarship.
  • California Student Aid Commission 
    A great place to start for California residents seeking financial aid for higher education. Get the facts you need to learn how to apply for the Cal Grants program.
  • California Governor's Scholarship Programs (State of California)
    California students who demonstrate high academic achievement in math and sciences can earn scholarships for college from the state! Get more information on how to qualify for these scholarships.
  • Golden State ScholarShare College Savings Trust (State of California)
    California offers families a college savings program based on IRS rules for qualified tuition programs that can help meet the increasing costs of higher education
    Preparing to attend college in Colorado? Check out, a free service of the Colorado Department of Higher Education that can help you plan, choose a school, apply, and pay for college.
  • Colorado Financial Aid (CO Commission on Higher Education)
    The Students and Parents page from the Colorado Commission on Higher Education offers details about state financial aid programs for students at Colorado colleges, plus info on CO admissions standards, residency requirements and more.
  • Colorado College Opportunity Fund (CO Commission on Higher Education)
    The College Opportunity Trust Fund (COF), created by the Colorado Legislature, provides a stipend to eligible undergrad students that pays a portion of your total in-state tuition when you attend a Colorado public or participating private college.
  • CollegeInvest (State of Colorado)
    CollegeInvest. offers college savings plans that provide families with a special tax-advantaged opportunity Sponsored by the State of Colorado and designed for Colorado residents.
  • Connecticut Financial Aid (Connecticut Dept of Higher Education)
    Learn about the many State and federal financial aid programs available to students in the state of Connecticut, including grants, scholarships, and loans.
  • OnlineCSU - The Connecticut State University System
    With OnlineCSU, your computer links you to faculty, classmates, and tests offered by Central, Eastern, Southern and Western Connecticut State University. Choose from individual courses or earn a degree online.
  • Delaware Student Financial Aid (Delaware Higher Education Commission)
    Are you a Delaware resident planning to go to college or graduate school? The state of Delaware administers state student financial aid programs and private scholarship programs to help you pay for school.
  • Florida Student Financial Assistance (Florida Dept of Education)
    Explore all the grant, scholarship, and loan programs available to Florida residents. This Florida Department of Education website provides program descriptions, as well as eligibility requirements and application procedures.
  • Georgia Student Finance Commission
    GSFC is the state agency responsible for administering student financial aid programs provided by the State of Georgia. It provides loans, scholarships and grants to students, plus free financial aid consultations to residents.
  • Hawai'i Career & Technical Education Center (University of Hawai'i)
    Within this site you will find up-to-date information about Hawaii's technical/vocational education, school-to-work, career education, gender equity and much more.
  • Idaho Scholarships & Student Aid (Idaho State Board of Education)
    Idaho's one-stop web site for finding out about student aid programs for college students in Idaho - including scholarships, student loan repayment programs, and reciprocity programs with neighboring states.
  • Southern Illinois University Student Financial Aid Office
    Financial aid information for students attending Southern Illinois University and others seeking information on financial aid programs.
  • Indiana State Student Assistance Commission (SSACI) 
    The Student Assistance Commission of Indiana's mission is to help make college affordable and increase college preparation by awarding need- based and merit-based grants to Indiana residents attending all types of colleges.
  • LearnMore Resource Center (IN Commission for Higher Education)
    Indiana's Pre-K to college connection! From birth to college, here's advice for how you can help your son or daughter at every stage of growth get the foundation needed to succeed.
  • Trip to College (Indiana Youth Institute)
    A step-by-step guide to making college a reality for Indiana families. Chart a timeline, learn surprising facts, find the right college, and then find the funding to pay for it - all through this site.
  • Iowa Scholarships & Grants (Iowa College Student Aid Commission)
    The cost of higher education can be reduced significantly when students tap into a broad assortment of scholarships and grants. Some of these funds are disbursed through State of Iowa programs administered by the Commission.
  • Kansas Student Financial Aid (Kansas Board of Regents)
    This State of Kansas site will help you learn about the eligibility requirements for numerous financial aid awards, scholarships, and grants available in the State of Kansas, along with other useful related information.
  • Kansas Colleges and Universities (Kansas Board of Regents)
    This State of Kansas web site will help you find a college, university, or technical school in Kansas, and provides links and contact info for the web sites and important offices at each school.
  • Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA)
    Are you a resident of Kentucky? KHEAA administers several financial aid programs, including scholarships, grants and work-study programs. Kentucky residents. Check out opportunities!
  • Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education 
    The Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education offers a variety of resources and tools designed to help students plan and pay for college, find a school or particular academic program, or achieve academic and professional education goals.
  • is your online resource for education in Kentucky. Plan for college, select a school, find financial aid, even take virtual campus tours or apply online. Sponsored by the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority.
  • Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance 
    The State of Louisiana has many scholarship, loan, and grant programs available for its residents pursuing degrees in higher education. Learn about all of the programs on this Web site.
  • Financial Aid for Higher Education in Maine (Finance Authority of Maine)
    From the nuts & bolts of the financial aid application process to the basic framework for grant, scholarship & loan programs - the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) offers important financial aid tools for students and families.
  • Maryland Higher Education Commission
    This site provides in depth information on state grant and scholarship programs for residents of Maryland as well as tips for applying to these programs.
  • Massachusetts Office of Student Financial Assistance
    The Massachusetts Office of Student Financial Assistance provides access to financial aid resources for Massachusetts residents interested in higher education. Scholarships, grants, loans, and tuition waiver programs are available.
  • Michigan Student Aid (MI Student Financial Services Bureau)
    This Michigan student financial aid site provides info on all state and federal programs for college students. Helpful hints and scholarship searches, as well as information on loans, grants, work study, and tuition savings plans are available.
    Created by MN Dept. of VA and MN Online to serve the unique higher ed needs of veterans, military members and their families. Information about education benefits, state schools and related issues from a team of experienced advisors and counselors
  • Paying for College (Minnesota Higher Education Services Office)
    This State of Minnesota site provides links and information to help Minnesota families prepare for college and plan for college costs. It includes eligibility calculators, links to information about Minnesota financial aid programs, and more.
  • Admission Possible (Minnesota) 
    By providing low-income Minnesota students with the guidance and basic tools necessary to compete effectively, Admission Possible dramatically improves their chances of attending a college or university. Learn about the program here!
  • Mississippi Student Financial Aid (MS State Board of Trustees)
    The mission of the MS Office of Student Financial Aid is to provide qualified college students, especially MS residents, with state-funded financial assistance. Apply online here for all state-funded scholarships, grants or loans.
  • Planning for College (Missouri Department of Higher Education) 
    Going to college takes planning & persistence. This Missouri Department of Higher Education site has a variety of services to help middle school, high school, college, and non-traditional students pay for college and achieve their dreams.
  • Student Assistance Foundation of Montana 
    The Student Assistance Foundation of Montana provides education planning and finance services to Montana college students, including loan, scholarship, grant, and rebate program information.
  • Student and Parent Info (Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Higher Education)
    CCPE connects you with the information you need to help you achieve your educational goals. Find a NE college, get student financial aid info, invest in a college savings plan, even take courses online - learn more at this Nebraska web site.
  • Nevada Millennium Scholarship (Nevada State Treasurer)
    Graduates of Nevada high schools who have been state residents for at least two of their high school years may be eligible for the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship. Get all the facts about eligibility at this Nevada web site.
  • New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation
    All you need to know to help plan and pay for a college education in New Hampshire, including information about financial aid and loan forgiveness programs available in the state.
  • New Jersey Higher Education Financial Assistance (HESAA)
    The New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority provides students and their families with the financial and informational resources to help New Jersey students to pursue their education beyond high school. Find out more here.
  • Financing College in New Mexico (NM Higher Education Dept)
    Providing current and prospective students and their families with the consumer information needed to make informed decisions about education in New Mexico after high school. Find out about state grants, loans and scholarships at this site.
  • New York Higher Education Services Corporation 
    Higher Education Services Corp, New York's student loan guaranty agency, assists college students and families with scholarships, financial aid, Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) grants, College Savings, Pell grants, and federal student loans.
  • New York's College Savings Program 
    Looking for a way to save for a college education and save on taxes? New York's College Savings Program can help. Check out their online calculators to help you see whether your savings are on track to cover your future college costs.
  • Making College Possible (North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority)
    NCSEAA, North Carolina's agency for college student financial aid, administers programs designed to help college students pay the costs of higher education. Get help with every step of the college planning and funding process here.
  • North Dakota University System (State of North Dakota)
    Valuable information for students about the 11 campuses of the ND University system, including programs of study, key facts about enrollment and admission, college costs, and state financial aid programs available to ND students.
  • Ohio State Grants and Scholarships (Ohio Board of Regents)
    Find out here about a variety of grant and scholarship programs to aid students as they pursue higher education in Ohio. This site provides information on grants and scholarships funded by the State and links to other financial aid sources.
  • Oklahoma College Savings Plan
    The Oklahoma College Savings Plan provides a flexible way to save for children's future college tuition. It offers a choice of investment options, tax advantages, and can be used at any qualified college in the U.S. or abroad.
  • Student Center (Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education)
    Everything you need to plan for higher education in Oklahoma, including financial aid and college cost info, choosing a school, and resources for parents, returning adult students, and even distance learners. Excellent information!
  • Oregon - Get College Funds
    Get College Funds is the Oregon state student financial aid agency. OSAC administers a number of Oregon, federal, and private student financial aid programs for the benefit of Oregonians seeking higher education.
  • Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA)
    PHEAA provides the financial aid resources Pennsylvania families need to pay for higher education, then works with students after they enter the workforce to help design loan payment plans to fit their financial circumstances.
  • Financial Aid for Rhode Island Students (College Planning Center of RI)
    This site provides Rhode Island students and their families with information about finding and applying for all types of financial aid for college, including loans, grants, & scholarships from federal, state, and private sources.
  • Rhode Island Student Loan Authority (RISLA) 
    The Rhode Island Student Loan Authority is a non-profit State authority that provides access to low cost educational loans and counsels students and parents on the college admissions and financial aid process.
  • South Carolina Financial Assistance (SC Commission on Higher Education)
    You will find information and links to all types of financial aid available to South Carolina students at this helpful web site from the SC Commission on Higher Education.
  • Scholarship Information (South Dakota Department of Education)
    A listing of scholarships available to South Dakota students, from the South Dakota Department of Education.
  • SDCollegePrep (South Dakota Board of Regents) 
    SDCollegePrep is dedicated to helping South Dakota's 7th-12th graders and their families prepare academically, personally, and financially for the opportunity to attend college and succeed.
  • Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation 
    Tennessee's designated federal guaranty agency (TSAC) administers student loans as well as other student aid programs for state residents seeking college education.
  • Texas - College For Texans 
    This easy to use site provides information on preparing for, choosing, paying for, and getting through college - specifically designed for residents of Texas. Be sure to check out the Texas grant and scholarship information!
  • Texas Distance Education 
    Your one-stop information center for distance education courses and degrees offered by Texas' public and independent colleges, universities and health-related institutions. Sponsored by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.
  • Texas Tomorrow Funds  
    Texas offers two college savings plans that can make it easier to save for college: the Guaranteed Tuition Plan and the College Investment Plan. Get the details on both at this web site.
  • Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA) 
    UHEAA helps Utah residents & students at Utah colleges make the best decisions about their education and obtain financial access to higher education through student loan programs, state need-based aid, loan forgiveness programs, & more.
  • UtahMentor: College, Career, and Financial Aid
    Utah's guide for college, career, and financial aid planning. Sponsored by the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority.
  • Vermont Financial Aid (
    You'll find links to state financial aid info for Vermont students at this page on, the official web site of the state of Vermont.
  • Virginia College Savings Plan
    The Virginia College Savings Plan offers families the opportunity to participate in a qualified state college tuition program with both prepaid and savings trust investment options.
  • Information for Virginia College Students (State of Virginia)
    Virginia's State Council of Higher Education provides helpful information and links about academic and financial aid topics that college students can use to enhance their academic success and preparation for life after college.
  • VirginiaMentor
    VirginiaMentor is a student services website that offers access to info and admissions applications for public and private colleges and universities in Virginia. VirginiaMentor represents the public and private colleges & universities of Virginia.
  • Paying for College in Washington (Higher Education Coordinating Board)
    This Washington state site is dedicated to helping Washington students pay for college with a variety of programs. Site links to a list of local organizations offering millions of dollars in community scholarship awards and assistance.
  • DC Tuition Assistance Grant Program
    Attention DC Residents! Take advantage of the Washington DC tuition grant program. Receive tuition subsidies to attend any public college in the US, any historically black college, or any private college in the DC metropolitan area.
  • Washington DC College Savings Plan
    Learn how to save for college and the value of starting early. If you're a DC resident, this web site offers you a wealth of information and directions on how to enroll in a 529 college savings plan.
  • DC Financial Aid (Washington DC State Education Office)
    The DC State Education Office provides a variety of resources to help DC students find financial aid for higher education at a college or university. Find out what's available to you and apply online at this web site.
  • District of Columbia College Access Program (DC CAP)
    Non-profit DC-CAP encourages and enables DC public high school students to enter and graduate from college by providing them with financial aid assistance, counseling & support services, education planning, and application assistance.
  • West Virginia Financial Aid (WV Higher Education Policy Commission)
    A great place to begin a college search for financial aid and affordable, in-state options for West Virginia students. Also includes links on life skills, college preparation, continuing education, and careers in teaching and engineering.
  • West Virginia Mentor
    West Virginia Mentor provides students and parents with info about financial aid options and scholarships, as well as college prep, access to online college admissions applications, and career planning tools.
  • Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board
    The Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board administers financial aid programs for Wisconsin students, including state grants, loans, and scholarships. Learn more at this site!
  • Hathaway Scholarship (University of Wyoming )
    The Hathaway Scholarship program provides merit- and need-based awards to eligible Wyoming students. Find out about eligibility requirements, award levels, application processes, and other program details at this site.
  • Wyoming Student Aid Programs (WY Community College Commission)
    Wyoming financial aid programs make it possible for students interested in nursing or teaching to study at one of seven state colleges. Also includes information about the Wyoming Hathaway Scholarship and distance learning programs.

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