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Daly City, California Colleges

Career Colleges and Universities in Daly City, California

Daly City, California Career Colleges, Technical Schools, and Universities

Looking for accredited career colleges, technical schools, and universities in Daly City, California. Each degree from a Daly City, California Career College, a post-secondary for-profit institution, offers an education with an in-demand career field.

At career colleges in California, you typically don't take general education classes in core subjects such as English and math. Instead, you focus on career-related courses.

California Area Career and Technical Training Programs:

Students at Daly City, California colleges are advised to make at least one visit to the famed Cow Palace; a huge gaudy sports Arena that straddles the border between San Francisco and Daly City. Formally known as the California State Livestock Pavilion, the Cow Palace has hosted NBA games, NHL matches, and even rodeo shows. In addition, big-name acts like Elvis, the Beatles, Elton John, U2, the Grateful Dead, and the Doors have all played in its hallowed halls. It seems that students from Daly City area colleges don't actually have to commute to San Francisco for a little bit of cultural stimulation.

Daly City is also famous for another reason. As one of the few Asian majority cities in North America, it truly represents America as the international melting pot. A walk through some of Daly City, CA schools yields a level of diversity unparalleled on most other campuses around the country. Suffice to say that students looking for a unique collegiate experience should seriously weigh the benefits of attending Daly City area colleges.
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Daly City, California Colleges, Universities, and Schools
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