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New Kensington, Pennsylvania Colleges

Students looking for an academic experience outside of Pittsburgh should learn more about the higher education options offered in New Kensington, Pa.

New Kensington, Pennsylvania Career Colleges, Technical Schools, and Universities

Looking for accredited career colleges, technical schools, and universities in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. Each degree from a New Kensington, Pennsylvania Career College, a post-secondary for-profit institution, offers an education with an in-demand career field.

At career colleges in Pennsylvania, you typically don't take general education classes in core subjects such as English and math. Instead, you focus on career-related courses.

Pennsylvania Area Career and Technical Training Programs:

Colleges and Universities in New Kensington, Pa.

Situated along the Allegheny River, just 18 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, is the city of New Kensington, Pa. With its population of about 13,000, strong economy and varied options for higher education, New Kensington is a small city with a variety of offerings.

Your college options in New Kensington, Pa.

If you're looking for a great public school that offers a wide variety of majors, lots of attention from professors and reasonable tuition, look no further than Penn State New Kensington. A branch campus of Pennsylvania State University, this New Kensington-based institution has degree programs at the associate, bachelor's and master's levels, and boasts a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio. With just 800 undergraduates, Penn State New Kensington is considered a relatively small school. Tuition and fees total a little more than $13,000.

New Kensington's premier two-year school is the New Kensington Education Center, a branch of Westmoreland County Community College, or WCCC. The school offers associate degrees in dozens of majors, as well as an open admission policy and inexpensive tuition running less than $3,000. The New Kensington campus opened in 2009 and offers clean and modern facilities.

New Kensington economy

New Kensington's economy has deep roots in manufacturing, and this industry continues to employ nearly a quarter of the city's residents. Retail and construction are also big earners for this Northeastern town. The link between educational attainment and employment/wages has long been amply demonstrated. Whether you choose to earn a diploma from one of the nearby colleges or pursue an online degree, New Kensington makes it easy to broaden your career options.

Author: Karin Hansen

Karin Hansen holds a degree in English from San Francisco State University.

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