New Hampshire Radio Stations & Top 40

Communication & Multimedia Schools and Radio Stations in New Hampshire

Links to a list of New Hampshire Radio Stations, Broadcasting Stations, and Web Radio with call frequency, description, location, and format, which includes most public and private FM and AM radio stations in the United States. Also find radio stations airing America Top 40 hits (AT40.) Use this listing of Radios in New Hampshire for information on local issues, politics, events, celebrations, people and business.

The amount of information available in electronic format varies. Located here a listing of Radio Stations in New Hampshire that can be found online.

New Hampshire Top 40 Radio Stations

City Station Freq Time
Concord WJYY-FM 105.5 Sa 6a-10a
Conway WVMJ-FM 104.5 Su 4p-8p
Keene WKNE-FM 103.7 Su 8a-12p
Lebanon WGXL-FM 92.3 Su 6a-10a
Portsmouth WERZ-FM 107.1 Su 8a-12p

Radio Broadcasting Schools in New Hampshire

Want to be in the dynamic and competitive world of radio? And why not? Radio is fun and there's a certain amount of "celebrity" attached to being on-the-air.

If you're a born conversationalist and like attention. If that sounds like you, a radio broadcasting degree could be the right choice to help you launch an exciting new career in New Hampshire.

Multiple forms of media, including radio, television and digital media are covered in most undergraduate broadcasting degree programs. Associate's and bachelor's degrees from an New Hampshire school in radio broadcasting provide students with the skills needed for entry-level jobs in the field. Programs in New Hampshire schools are designed to teach students theories, methods, and techniques used to plan, produce, and distribute audio programs and messages, and that prepares individuals to function as staff, producers, directors, and managers of radio shows and media organizations. Students often staff on-campus radio stations in addition to completing writing, reporting and media studies. The best programs in radio broadcasting provide students with hands-on experiences that can be used in the job market.

Browse these New Hampshire communication and multimedia schools for degree options and course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information:

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