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California Security and Loss Prevention Service Degree Colleges and Schools

California Security & Loss Prevention Degrees

If you are looking for a way to start a security and loss prevention career, in California look no further. A degree in security and loss prevention is designed to provide you with up-to-date, industry specific training that will enhance your professional opportunities.

Security and loss prevention officers helping you stay safe and sound in California.

Students in this California degree program are prepare to provide security services for government agencies, large corporations, insurance companies and private clients employ various kinds of loss prevention professionals. They'll learn how to protect people as well as property.

The Security and Loss Prevention Services degree program is designed to prepare California students as security and loss prevention officers in emergency response, security management, industrial health and safety, as well as the emerging discipline of homeland security, and includes in depth instruction in the provision of personal protection as well as property security. If you have an inquiring mind and an interest in maintaining safety, Security and loss prevention is a broad field and offers many career opportunities to California graduates.

Why is Security and Loss Prevention Services Important?

Although California's burglary rate per 100,000 of the population is below the national average - 661.5 as compared to 728 nationwide in 2001 - nevertheless the trend for burglary which dropped dramatically throughout the 1990s is now heading up again, according to the State of California's Department of Justice. There are thought to be a number of reasons for this, amongst which is a slow down in installations of Home Security Services.

California security systems were installing in large numbers in the 1990s, and with the decreasing crime statistics and a greater feeling of security, people stopped being so security conscious. But Home Security Services stop burglaries, not only by preventing entry to property, but also by deterring burglars by positioning lights around the property, illuminating dark areas, and by displaying alarm systems. Investing in home security gives a great return in terms of peace of mind.

Did you know that in the year 2001, residents in:


  • 1,133,702 Crimes Against Property (232,000 per 100,000 California residents)
  • 697,669 Residential Burglaries (3,286 per 100,000 California residents)
  • 672.4 Property Thefts / Larcenies (2,022.2 per 100,000 California residents)

California Security Services Schools
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As a resident in California. Research Criminal Justice Degree Programs and Schools in California. With all of the time and money you have spent making your family comfortable living in your home - why risk losing those precious items? Obtain more information about a home security system for your California property today and find out if a home security system is right for you and your California lifestyle.

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