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California AV Tech Degree Programs

Audio Visual Tech Training in California

Students do not just attend California's colleges and universities based on their academic reputations alone. Many are drawn by the stunning beauty that has made California famous all over the world. Few states have managed to meld natural beauty with man-made creations as seamlessly as California has. With gorgeous coastlines, expansive vineyards, ancient forests, and diverse climates, California has much to offer regardless of what type of environment suits you best.
Professionals in the Audiovisual Communications Technologies industry are in high demand. Those who are highly trained in the technology, infrastructure, design, installation, support and maintenance of audiovisual communications systems are indispensable resources in large corporations, classrooms, conference and convention centers, theaters, libraries and museums.

There is a wide range of careers for college graduates with quality Audiovisual Communications education. Following graduation, you could become an installation technician while you continue to learn the trade. You could then move up to more lucrative positions, including:
  • A/V System Designer
  • Sound System Designer
  • Systems Field Technician
  • Production and Assembly
  • Video Engineer/Technician
  • Distance-Learning Support Technician
  • A/V System Programmer
  • System Installation Specialist
  • Telecommunications Technician and Audio Engineer
The AV/Communications industry also includes all of the manufacturers, dealers and end-users of the technology that makes up the industry. This means that there will be a large number of companies seeking your skills as an A/V engineer, technician or designer.

A degree in Audiovisual Communications can also lead to a career in Presentation System Design, in which you would work with corporate clients or educational institutions to design effective audio and video systems for presentation and learning environments. You would analyze client needs and draft a detailed plan for a distinctive solution tailored to their specific environment.

AV Tech Career and Technical Schools in California:

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