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Missouri Accounting Degree Programs

Accounting Courses and Degrees in Missouri

Although their principles are simple, the people of Missouri are not. Rather, they are a diverse and open-minded group of individuals who combine Southern hospitality with Northern wit, and Midwestern charm. There are numerous universities throughout this large territories state, but most of them are nestled in Jefferson City and St. Louis; both of which have enough action to keep even the most discerning city slicker entertained.
If you are considering retraining for a new career, then why not consider becoming an Accounting Technician or Bookkeeper? There are many colleges offering training courses that can help you on your way to becoming an Accounting Technologist.

Clearly, you will need to be quite good at math and the role requires a high degree of accuracy, so if you can demonstrate close attention to detail, this could be highly advantageous. Increasingly, software solutions are streamlining bookkeeping functions and you may find that at least a basic level of skill with computers would be useful. Day-to-day tasks may include posting charges to accounts on spreadsheets and data entry from bills or receipts. Depending on the size of the organization and your experience, you may be given responsibility for payroll, procurement, and billing.

Education and training courses may vary a little between colleges, but your education may include: tax, payroll, data entry, various specialist software packages and accountancy techniques and systems.

In the past, many Bookkeepers learned while on the job. Increasing employment of candidates with specialist software experience means that potential employers may be more attracted by a candidate who has taken advantage of accounting technology training. A qualification in Accounting Technology can prove to a potential employer your skill and proficiency in this area.

According to the Bureau of Labor, there is a trend towards outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services to specialist employment services firms. Most opportunities are concentrated in local government at all levels. Due to the large number of personnel in this field (about 2 million) opportunities are expected to remain plentiful.

Accounting Career and Technical Schools in Missouri:

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