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General Studies / Undecided Degree Programs

Declaring general studies is simply stating that you are undecided. Why Liberal Arts ? Liberal arts students learn to think critically, communicate effectively and lead.

Liberal Arts Education Degree Programs: General Studies / Undecided ProgramsA complete education is the easiest way to achieve success in any career and for many, a degree in liberal studies is the stepping stone to a great career. General studies / liberal studies is an educational path that can satisfy the passion to learn possessed by many of the highly curious individuals that attend four-year colleges. For them, satisfaction can only come with a general investigation of a wider range of ideas.

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General Studies / Undecided Degree Programs

Of course, for some, the pursuit of knowledge doesn't stop upon achieving a degree in their specific field of study. Many universities and colleges throughout North America now offer master's degree programs in liberal studies to respond to the growing number of these curious part-time, adult learners.

Liberal study students come from a wide range of educational backgrounds and professions, but they share an intense love of learning, an active curiosity, and a desire for continued intellectual growth and challenge.

What is Involved with Studying Liberal Arts Education?

General studies and liberal arts education is one of the oldest academic subjects. Originally it came about during the middle Ages in Europe and concentrated on subjects "suitable for freemen." These subjects are typically non-vocational, in other words there is no vocational training for a particular subjects or career. While the original definition of liberal arts was fairly well defined, colleges offering liberal arts education have the freedom to make the curriculum even broader.

Typical subjects in liberal arts education might include: languages, literature, history, philosophy, mathematics, science, and music. In other words all the subjects that were originally considered essential to produce a well rounded education. Modern interpretations of liberal arts education often leave out the once extremely important subjects of astronomy, rhetoric, and geometry

What Careers Can I Follow with this Training?

Many general studies or liberal arts graduates go on to attend a professional training school after their first degree. You might want to go on to medical, law, or business school where a broad education is of great benefit before concentrating on a particular vocation or trade. Because a liberal arts education is designed to be broad and to improve intellectual capability, it can be the perfect precursor to professional training. Many government department look for graduates for their analytical, organizational, and leadership skills rather than their knowledge of a particular subject. Management, and teaching might also appeal to you. Some of these roles require further education.

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